September Update

Well, I’m officially never going to publish any guesses about a release date again. I’m not a particularly fast writer to begin with, and trying to rush only makes things worse.

At the moment the next Daniel Black book, Thrall, is about half done. This book really didn’t want to be written, and I’ve spent quite a bit of time trying to iron out various problems and get the plot to behave. It’s still my major project at the moment, but it will be done when it’s done.

I’ve also done a bit of work on an Alice Long novella, which will probably end up at 30,000 words or so. This may or may not end up being finished before Thrall, depending on what I feel inspired to work on.

Several other projects are on the back burner. I’ve done a bit of preliminary work on a Horatio Alger story set in the Aliceverse, a superhero trilogy that would be something of an answer to Watchmen, and an extremely smutty alien invasion story. But those are long-term projects that may or may not ever come to fruition, and certainly aren’t going to get much attention this year.


49 thoughts on “September Update

  1. I’d rather a well done book than a rushed book, we’ve been waiting for new Daniel Black for a good while now I think we can hold out a while longer….that’s the rational part of me…the other part has the withdrawal shakes. Glad to see the blog up to keep us up to date.

    thanks for pushing through the hard parts we as your readers appreciate it

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  2. Whoopee!
    So we are beginning to see light at the end of the tunnel….the Daniel Black project is not dead…Daniel’s adventures will be continued!


  3. While you work out your structure/storyline for the next (dozen?) DB-books….

    Could you feed us some background / information-tidbits?

    Some background information like you did (in your old blog) with your Alice-project (in July 2016)?

    In September 2015 we got some Information about nature spirits (the tree-fairies) and in March 2015 we got some answers about magic and magic users.

    There are so many more topics for info-dumps…

    Information about magic, monsters, persons, organisations, history, countries, cities, geography……..

    I would like to read more about how Black Island is affecting (socially, economically, politically …) Kozalin and vice versa. Who seeks to start friendly relationships with Daniel, who is neutral/temporizing, who opposes him? How do they all this? Are there tensions between the Kozalin factions (different nobles, merchants, military, craftspeople, guilds, prince, mage conclave….)? Short descriptions of those groups/persons of interest.

    More magic background knowledge!! (spells, new materials better suited for enchantment like gold, platinum, rhodium, iridium….pearls, diamond, ruby, sapphire….Tartarus steel, adamantium, orichalcum, badassium… other mystic, legendary materials and/or magic formulas/traditions/spells …How does it work?)

    Or even better some (Kindle-)short stories to keep the readers interest and shorten the waiting period for the next book(s). What about recounting the story from the perspective of the wolfen/Gronir (transformation / formation of the pack / fights / interpack dealings / spy stuff with Cerise / basically book 1-3 through Gronir’s eyes / or only some short highlights….)?

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    1. LOL, You’re certainly not in any hurry for the next book, whatever it is. I applaud your enthusiasm while I try to figure out where poor William is supposed to find the time to fill all your desires. I’d like to know a lot of that as well, but I’m good with discovering it as these things develop in the books. Of course if he already has this material mapped out like he did with Perilous Waif, and he has a spare moment and is feeling generous, sign me up. 🙂

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  4. For me, i do understand that creating something out from our minds can be very taxing. And real life somehow does not help either. So, take whatever time that you need coz if we all think about it before e-readers when authors published something, it takes time and reams of paper to finally print the book, sometimes i would wait 2 years before the next series come out. So, take your time, give it your best. There will always be critics and impatient people but you know what, you gotta do what you have to do. So, keep up the good work and write on… i will wait and i will definitely buy the next Daniel Black and the Waif books.

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  5. Horatio Alger? Was he introduced in the Alice book? Could not find mention.
    And to feel better about writing speed, just compare to Game of Thrones or Wheel of Time series.

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  6. Glad this is back can’t wait for your next book whatever it is both series are very good and yea who is Horatio Alger? Can’t remember anything about him from Alice long pretty sure you haven’t introduced anyone by that name yet.


  7. Oh! Haratio Alger is a guy who wrote a type of fantasy novel wow that went right over my head well cool hope to see more of that soon then although isn’t Alice pretty much a horatio story already?


    1. Alice is more of an adventure heroine – she does a lot of killing people and breaking things, and she’s more likely to end up a pirate queen than a business tycoon. The story I’m considering would be more about a poor guy gradually improving his lot through a lot of hard work and clever ideas. Imagine Daniel Black with a lower power level and no Ragnarok, just trying to build himself a business empire and get rich.

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      1. A pirate queen huh well I was thinking she would end up more as an empress somewhere but I can see something like a female captain Harlock I can see that and I hope to see this new book I always like characters who use their heads to get out of horrible sitiuations.

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      2. Well Alice isn’t a Haratio Alger story as she literally starts with a body that has been improved using trillions of credits in research. I think Alice can do well as a Marauder, Pirate Queen and maybe a form of Empress when she manages it to create a human or organisation that is friendly to super AI’s.


  8. As much as I want to read the next installment, I would rather have a good story over one rushed to please demanding readers. I’m happy you’re still writing and i’m looking forward to whatever your muse comes up with next.

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  9. Just my opinion but please don’t give up on Daniel black it’s one of the few series I’m constantly like is there an update!?!?!?! So yeah just please stick with it



    I’m going to get it ASAP! 😀 Can’t wait to read it!

    Found you out through Time Braid and just recommended Daniel Black to a guy who left a review on it. Loved the Daniel Black books and can’t wait for more from you!

    You’re one of my favorite authors. Keep it up!

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  11. I have read all of the Daniel black books four times and look forward to the next one as well as many more. This world is fascinating and as a voracious reader I hope you figure out how to create more quickly

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  12. As a hopelessly addicted reader, I really appreciate it when an author pops up somewhere just to say, “Hey, I’m working and alive, everything’s ok.”

    Glad to see you back online, and looking forward to Daniel and Alice returning.


  13. Go with whatever is fun for you. And if it happens to be a dozen more Alice Long novels, well, I’ll just have to suffer along. 😉


  14. I’m thinking that for a blog to produce readership and interest in what your selling, it takes the participation of the person everybody came to the blog to meet. If your only going to show up on this blog once a month and disappear again until the next month, IE actually naming the posts Septembers Update, you might as well not have one at all. I joined your Patreon blog for a month thinking we would interact at least a little, but quit after because your not part of it. You get so much support, and completely ignore it. And I imagine you’ll delete this post, but your blowing it with the fans. We really don’t care if you take a year to write a book, but being told that everything is about the money like you did with this relaunch is telling. Maybe your in a bad place, but when I read that, I lost quite a bit of interest in anything you write next.


  15. At the risk of annoying Mr Brown here is some handy Cross Referencing for for the google impaired:
    E William Brown is also known by his online name ShaperV
    His earlier fanfiction work is here:
    Particular mention for Timebraid being worth a read:
    New Blog:
    Old Blog: (Dead)
    Old ShaperV Blog (Dead)
    Patreon: (One update a month)
    And for the Grand Finale this is where he is most active:
    He is currently running a quest set in the AliceVerse:
    Which is up to 423 pages at the time of writing this.
    His other quests on the site


  16. Take your time.
    Well not TOO much time. haha!

    fans are fans. good or bad.

    count me in as good.

    I’m patient enough to realize that writing is not ‘easy’ as it appears. I love reading more than I like writing.

    So do write and while I wait, I will visit and hang out with other stories. The universe is large.

    BTW. I’ve discovered a whole new realm of literature in Chinese/Korean/Japanese translated light fiction to read….who knew stuff that I liked was out there in foreign countries???!!!


  17. I’m so glad I found this blog.
    In my own personal opinion, waiting a while for a good book is no hardship as long as there are progress updates.
    I realize that might sound a bit petty or even annoying for a fan to demand updates as if I’m owed anything, but while I know I’m not owed anything intellectually, that doesn’t change the way I feel.
    I guess you could also say that regular updates make your fans happy. It’s not something you owe us, but it is something we are extremely grateful to receive.

    So thank you again for this blog and your works, and I’m looking forward to purchasing another amazing book sometimes soon 🙂

    P.S. Just thought I’d mention that even though I initially read your books via kindle unlimited, I enjoyed them so much I went back and purchased the DB series at full retail price just to show my support and appreciation.
    Keep up the great work!


  18. I think that’s completely okay. I, for one, do appreciate the update, even if the update is “project behind expected schedule”. In my parlance, it’s called managing expectations. I’m not attempting to speak for anyone else, but regular updates on progress, even if they might come down to something like this:
    “Holy shit, that thread did NOT go where it needs to, the last 8 chapters are going to have to be rewritten. Project is pushed back 3 months.”
    Those are completely okay. They help us understand where you are and help you manage your fans’ expectations.

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  19. Can’t wait for a new Daniel Black book!! Not saying I’d rather have it rushed to completion but the series itself has been so great I reread it all the time. Thank you for all you have written and thanks for all future releases, so long as they are in a timely fashion lol. If your ever looking for another beta reader…. I’d seriously love to be included in it.


  20. So when you get around to writing the next Alice book will we get to see more of dika? Or will it still be some time before she returns to the series?

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  21. Mr. Brown,
    Thank your for blogging on Amazon. I have felt deprived of anything about your writing, and I look forward to your blogs, and future books.


  22. Thanks for the update, good to know you are still working on the books. Keep up the good work, better a good book late than bad book early.


  23. — I’m not a particularly fast writer to begin with, and trying to rush only makes things worse. —

    Indeed. It’s far better to set a novel-in-progress aside for a while than to try to force it. I started Which Art In Hope in 1997. After chapter 15 I set it aside, uncertain how to continue the plot braid. I finished it in 2009. Slightly less dramatic: I started Innocents in February of this year. I only finished it about a week ago. As it’s only about 200 pages, my readers have been asking “what took you so long?” (I’ve been tempted to use Ernest Hemingway’s reply — “Getting the words right” — but I’ve refrained so far.)

    Some motifs, some characters, and some themes need time to mature in the subconscious. And you can never know beforehand when they’ll burst out of their shells and scream “Get back to work, doofus!”


    1. my WAG is: no.
      I am guessing this blog is getting the shaft like all the others. I think this is his number 4 or 5 blog now.

      I know I am internet generation person and what I am about to say will make the rest of you just roll your eyes, but… this inability of adult people to drop just a couple of word once a month to let their followers know that they are actually still alive is JUST PATHETIC.

      Ok. I feel better now. Thank you everyone for reading.


  24. Something that might be handy, in either DB or Alice stories, Borazon (Boron Nitride) originally patent in the 50’s by GE, but they did not know how to mass produce it until recently. hard? 17 percent harder than diamond far more chemically and thermally stable than diamond (melting point above 5000 Fahrenheit) better than diamond, for coating tools should be great for CNC tools

    A bi-phase cable using say tungsten carbide, as the softer material, the thickness of a finger could pull an ocean liner, or stabilize an asteroid. (vacuum or atmosphere? chemically stable, doesn’t affect the stuff.)

    a thin wire of the stuff could slice through flesh, like it was nothing, with hardily any pressure, anchoring it is tough, Say sapphire coated hooks? But you’ve got to coat the wire, otherwise the cut flesh would have a really good chance of closing back up.(yeah, the “edge” is that fine) think almost monomolecular

    great spacesuit or ship hull material, Coat a t-shirt, and should be bullet resistant, but hell of an impact damage point. great surgical tools

    Takes lot’s of energy to make, though. commonly looks like a brown diamond crystal.

    Ah,BTW, would be really tickled to “see” Dark Elves in DB stories wear aviator sunglasses


  25. I’m so looking forward to another Alice Long book!!! That may just be my favorite book of all time! Please keep us in the loop! I’ll buy our even preorder it as soon as that’s an option!


  26. A data point for you; Writing rates of 2K words per day is about normal, in bursts. That’s about 10K words per week and that’s reviewed and edited. If you can do anywhere near that then you are doing okay 😉


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